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The Saints were encouraged by meeting friends from the valley who brought with them supplies of food to help the company along the way. Each day, the miles seemed to fall behind more quickly than at the beginning of the journey. Captain Smoot arrived in the valley on August 30th in advance of the company, but returned to join the company and lead it into the valley. The teamsters locked all four wheels and used ropes to ease the wagons down the steep slopes.

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When the company camped for the evening, they feasted on a fine beef sent out by President Brigham Young and they then danced until a late hour, happy in the thought of entering the city the next day. I am sure these last few miles of the trek were a time of both happiness and sadness for Mary Catherine Langton. Happy in knowing that she had arrived at the destination in which her father, her mother and brothers had worked and saved so hard to attain, and the sadness in knowing that her family was not with her to enjoy this occasion.

She, no doubt, wondered too what was t become of her and her child, James. How was she to take care of herself and her child? September 3, , was a beautiful autumn day, bright and clear, as nature joined in to make it a truly joyful occasion.

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Leavenworth county, Kansas, Marriage Records, , 1. Audrain County, Missouri Marriages, , 1. Louisiana, Compiled Marriage Index, View Mariecelene Gibbs's US census record to find family members, occupation In , she was 2 years old and lived in Kansas City, Missouri, with her.

The sisters brought out their finest apparel and except for their tanned complexions resembled the ladies of old English Fair. They proceeded in advance of the wagons in order to keep out of the dust and also to gain a better view of the valley. Some were so overjoyed that they were unable to concentrate on the problems of travel. One Welshman, a bit unbalanced by the occasion, yoked up his team with the yoke below their necks. He did not even realize his mistake until Captain Smoot called his attention to it.

After he reversed the yoke, the company rolled out from their last camp site of the trip. Considerable importance had been attached to this first company to travel under the Perpetual Emigration Fund. It seemed that the entire population of Salt Lake City had turned out to welcome the company to their new home. People came on foot, on horseback, and some in carriages to swell the numbers as the multitude coming up from the valley met the new arrivals descending from the mountains. Many shed tears of happiness at such a demonstration or at meeting with familiar friends.

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The First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles were on hand as well as civil and military officials. As the procession progressed down Emigration Street, now lined with spectators, it could truly be called the Perpetual Emigration Fund March. When he led them by Temple Square, a salute of nine rounds of artillery was fired in their honor.

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The fine condition of the cattle and the general appearance of the whole train spoke well for the wise and skillful management of Captain Smoot for this assignment. The members of the company were grateful to Captain Smoot for the fine service he had given them in his leadership of the company. During the journey, they had picked up a number of stray cows which had been left behind by emigrants. These were given to Captain Smoot as a token of the esteem in which he was held by the company as well as the leaders in Salt Lake City.

When the company had formed on Union Square, a bounteous meal was spread before them as part of their welcome. Only the description of one who enjoyed the meal could do it justice. I will say to this company, they have had the honor of being escorted into the city by some of the most distinguished individuals of our society, and a band of music accompanied with a salutation of cannon.

Other companies have not had this mark of respect shown them. Barnes and Elder Burton were taken up by the direction of Elder F.

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Richards, and brought to his room in Liverpool. When landed in New Orleans and duty paid on them as machinery, under the charge of Isaac C. Height, they then came up the river to St. Louis where A. O Smoot took charge and brought them up the Missouri River to Kansas City and paid on them again and then brought them over the plains. It leaked and smelt rather offensively. The bodies were turned over to their families.

The driver, Ewing, slept on the boxes all the way. Not a person knew the bodies were in the company, not even the driver.

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The fall weather was now upon the Saints in the valley and something had to be done for their needs. Here was a situation of a young woman, going on twenty-five years of age, unmarried, with a two year old child, with no relative to support her, in a strange valley thousands of miles from her homeland, having lost her father, her mother and her two brothers to a dreaded disease on the plains.

I am sure the Authorities met to discuss her plight and try to resolve some of her problems and help her in her welfare needs. The possibility of plural marriage no doubt entered the picture. The doctrine of plural marriage was in full bloom at this time in the Church. A principle used often to satisfy the needs of those with problems similar to the ones which Mary Catherine had.

This plural marriage principle was a calling from the Lord to an individual through the President of the Church just as a mission was and is today. An individual was actually called in and asked to accept and adopt the principle. It was not and could not be practiced on a whim of the individual himself.

I imagine the search began almost immediately for a suitable candidate, a husband and father for Mary Catherine and her child, keeping in mind her feelings, wishes and desires. At times, I am sure that Mary Catherine thought that this was not the way she had dreamed nor planned her marriage, but being in such desperate situation, and being practical about the matter, consented to such an arrangement. John Gibbs was born on January 3, , nearly fifteen years older than Mary Catherine. He was born in Lugwardine, just three miles from Hereford, Herfordshire, England. At this writing, very little is known about the early life of John Gibbs.

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When he did leave England and came to America, records show that he was accompanied by his mother, Sarah Bailey Gibbs. He worked in a livery stable in St. Louis, Missouri for a period of time and experienced a great epidemic of smallpox which broke out in the region but was fortunate not to catch the contagion. He was also in Nauvoo following the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith being present when the mantle of the Prophet fell upon Brigham Young on August 8, On February 2, , records show that he and his mother were sealed in the Nauvoo Temple, he holding the office of a Seventy in the Priesthood and she being born in Mordiford, Herefordshire, England, located just a few miles to the southeast of Lugwardine.

The belief that John Gibbs was a polygamist came about by my observing a record of the family, Film , pp. Listed at this residence was: John Gibbs, age 39 matching his age with other records , a woman named Sarah, age 64 matching the name and age of his mother from other records a woman named Mary Ouram sp age 25 and a child named Sara E. It is my opinion that John Gibbs resided in Ogden, Weber County, area with his first family in , had farming interests in Brigham City area in , married Mary Catherine Langton on December 24, they were sealed on April 8, , just a little over three months following her entry into the valley.

Their first home being in the fort in Brigham City this home is shown in miniature in the relic hall in the city. While living at the fort, their first child, a baby girl was born to them on October 15, Her name was Sarah Gibbs. John being a Seventy in the Priesthood was the first presiding Elder of the little settlement.

The building was later used as a school house. The rock walls of this structure still stand. As the family grew and more space was required, their second home in the settlement was built. This home, a two-story rock building was built across the road to the west from the first home. It too was built primarily of rock from the surrounding area.

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Descendants of the family still live in the home. When marrying Mary Catherine Langton, John Gibbs no doubt felt that he was not obligated in paying off the debt due the Emigration Fund Company that the Langton family owed. He was not a party to the contract and Mary Catherine, without monetary assets was unable to do anything about the debt. This debt was still on the records in the year John Gibbs and Mary Catherine Langton raised nine children of their own, four girls and five boys.

In this year , this number was no doubt doubled or tripled. Only now can I sense the magnitude of the heartaches and trial that were part of the life of Mary Catherine Langton Gibbs. She and her husband, John were not ones to dwell on personal problems or triumphs but took life in its stride, one day at a time. They were not ones to force themselves to the forefront. She was quiet and reserved and somewhat of an introvert, perhaps because she could not read or write, but they both had strong characters, were hard working farm people and were honest.

It was stated by one of our pioneers that John Gibbs was the most honest man he ever knew. We owe a debt of gratitude for leaving us and her family a courageous example of faith, endurance, determination and a testimony of the Gospel. We, who read this account of her life, are the true beneficiaries. She was seventy eight years of age at her death. John Gibbs died in his sleep at the family home on December 26, , having lived over sixty-five years. The mother of John Gibbs, Sarah Bailey Gibbs, who lived with this family, died in November of being seventy-six years of age at her death.

II, p. Sonne, Saints on the Seas. Elliot Berlin, Abraham O. Bruce R. Co, Very little is known about the early life of John Gibbs. Louis, Missouri for time and experienced a great epidemic of smallpox which broke out in the region. John was fortunate not to catch the highly contagious disease.

He was also in Nauvoo, Illinois following the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith, being present when the mantle of the prophet fell upon Brigham Young on 8 August Records show that on 2 February John Gibbs and his mother were sealed in the Nauvoo Temple, he holding the office of a Seventy in the Melchizedek priesthood and she being born in Mondiford, Herefordshire, England, which is located just a few miles to the southeast of Lugwardine, Herefordshire, England.