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You have stayed on top of our tax situation each and every year and have been successful in obtaining reductions time and time again.

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The meticulous and timely preparation of all filing deadlines by Property Tax Adjusters is both consistent and admirable …. James L. Smith in the To offset the cost of the document recording process, county clerks typically charge a base fee for the recording service, as well as a per page fee to record a particular document. These are all partial exemptions and do not apply to all levels of real estate taxes. A leading speculator, Eugene R. I had hoped for a reduction but never thought I would get one!

Your quick response to all of our inquires and telephone calls is exceptional as your tremendous success and professional manner. Thanks again for a job well done on a repeated basis. We have friends and family in all parts of Long Island who have had their taxes reduced many times.

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I would recommend Property Tax Adjusters to any homeowner on Long Island that wants to make sure they are not overpaying for property taxes. From the first minute I met them, I knew that these two ladies were honest, good sincere women. I felt comfortable with them and I knew I could recommend them to all my friends. I have many times and they have saved us money with our real estate taxes. They work very hard for their clients and we all appreciate them.

I believe women should help women. We do not do enough of this for one another. God Bless you and your families. We have used other real estate tax attorneys in the past, which have put us in horrible tax situation so, we certainly know quality when we see it! I thank our lucky stars that we met Marsha Held and Elyse Sachs!

Nassau County Property Appraiser

They lead us down a road of persuading our real estate tax reduction outside of the box. Marsha and Elyse became my friends. Marsha invited me to her house, taught me the gritty details of real estate tax law to ensure that I knew exactly what was happening regarding my property. With their guidance, we pursued a tax grievance journey with the county, and won a major reduction. They put their heart and soul into their quest for my tax reduction and met with the Chairpersons of various Assessment Committees, Nassau County District Attorney, Judges, etc.

To this day, Marsha and Elyse are continually striving to find ways of reducing my tax burden. Without them, God knows what would have happened to my real estate taxes. As anyone can tell, we highly recommend their services!!


Nassau County Clerk's Office. The Clerk's Office provides property-related services and forms, including: Assignment of Mortgage; Clerk Recording Fee. Nassau County - Long Island, New York | Land Records This viewer contains a set of property maps of every parcel within the County of Nassau. The public.

This is the second grievance process that Property Tax Adjusters has done for our house and you have been able to save us a substantial sum of money on our property taxes. As a realtor with Shawn Elliott Luxury Homes and Estates, the issue of high taxes arises often with my clients. Every buyer or seller who has been recommended to your company has been more than satisfied with their results as well as your level of professionalism. John Messina. Property Tax Adjusters have been a true life saver….

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Elyse Sachs and Marsha Held are two savvy driven business woman who get real results in the courts. They are on top of all comps in all neighborhoods, really do their homework and fight relentlessly for what is rightfully due the homeowner, who is the real victim. The meticulous and timely preparation of all filing deadlines by Property Tax Adjusters is both consistent and admirable …. Elyse and Marsha make you feel special as well as really care and share in victorious hearing outcomes.

I never have to remind or remember any deadlines as they have been handling my Real Estate pleas not only for years but for years successfully.

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The very personal services received from these two exceptional women is such a pleasant perk for me…. I would have probably moved out of my house by now frustrated by the unfair Real Estate Tax demands if not for the consistent, strong, successful results Elyse and Marsha provide. I have recommended them over and over to many who come back to thank me.

Nassau County Property Values To Be Reassessed

Although property owners can contest their property tax without a lawyer, using the services of a Nassau County property tax lawyer is beneficial. The lawyer can review the assessor's property tax records searching for errors that impact your tax bill, file your appeal, and be your advocate in the appeal process. An attorney can often resolve your particular legal issue faster and better than trying to do it alone. A lawyer can help you navigate the legal system, while avoiding costly mistakes or procedural errors. You should seek out an attorney whose practice focuses on the area of law most relevant to your issue. Since experience matters, lawyers who've been practicing law for many years with a successful track record tend to be in high demand.

You should look for information about a lawyer's experience and ask questions during the initial meeting.

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