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For recording, the only additional component you'll need is recording software. An audio interface is not necessary to record vinyl into your computer.

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A case can be made to use an Audio Interface even if you technically don't need one. If you want your recordings for music production, digital DJing or critical listening, you probably want an Audio Interface to your setup to assure optimal sound quality transfer.

You can read our Guide To Audio Interfaces here. Please note, recording software does not automate the creation of separate tracks. The first method to record a track is to record one track at a time and save them individually.

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Numark USB turntables come bundled with EZ Vinyl Converter record, we played an entire side of a record and converted the songs to MP3. Results 1 - 25 of Bluetooth Record Player Turntable with Speakers Stereo LP Vinyl to MP3 Converter. £ Free postage. sold.

The second method is to record a whole side of an album, then edit and save them as individual tracks. Editing audio in a recording program is easy to learn and that does not take much time. Play around with highlighting different sections of your recording represented by the waveform.

Transferring Vinyl to Digital Music Files

You can easily identify the beginning and ends of songs by reading the waveform. Highlight a section and you can delete it like you would a text document.

How to Record Vinyl Records into a Computer

Not available in this region Not Available. Easy LP to MP3. Overview Features Screenshots System Requirements. Step 1: Start with your PC.

Top 10 Best All In One Record Players (With Built-in Speakers)

Record to your computer from vinyl records, cassettes or Internet radio. Automatically split and name tracks. Remove clicks, pops, hissing and other unwanted noise. Enhance with channel graphic equalizer.

CD label and jewel case designer included. Complete cable kit included.