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You should speak to customer service at the company you originally got your phone from. If the answer is yes, then you should be free to enroll with any other company in your state.

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Run a search by name for anyone in Springfield, Illinois & get free white pages information instantly. Springfield, Illinois white page directory listings include full. Lookup People, Phone Numbers, Addresses & More in Springfield, IL. Whitepages is the largest and most trusted online phone book and directory.

If the answer if no, you should be able to activate or re-enroll with the same company. You can find a list of all those companies offering free government cell phones in your state here:. Your enrollment procedure will not take my address that is correct as ive lived here for 40 plus years! So id like to know the problem with your enrollment! I know where i live and so does the department of public aid and social security as they send me letters at this address so how is it not valid? I have a government phone through BLU.

BLU is a phone manufacturer, Brandie, so you may have a cell phone it built, but that is not your free government cell phone company. The only way to track down your service provider is to contact every service provider in Illinois. The good news is that Illinois only has five Lifeline service providers. You can do that by calling on your free government cell phone. There is nothing to fill out because we are not the phone company.

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We provide the names, websites and phone numbers of companies that provide Lifeline cell phone service in your state. Just look for the information on the pages you are visiting. That is correct. You have lots of options, Arthur. You apply with one of the companies listed on this page, Rosa.

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First question: Do you qualify? It tells you what to do if your free government cell phone is lost or stolen:. How do I help find a cell phone for my 90 year old grama. She absolutely needs one for emergency cases. Thank you, Laura. Qualification is based on income or participation in another government assistance program.

I received a text stating that care wireless would be shutting down as the 31st of January, so what do I need to do to keep my phone operable? Got a text from Care Wireless today. They are shutting down as of January 31st Called and verified. In case of emergency I need to get ahold of my mom or grandma because my vehicle is broke down. My girlfriend n I live together but all she is getting is part-time hours which is maybe 25 hours n make like 8.

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N water. Need a phone for my 85 yo mother, must have big numbers and loud ring. Can she keep her current number that she has had since ? I am a senior citizen that is disabled and receive Social Security Disability. Can someone help me please. Is there any way this issue can be fixed?

I had qualified for a free phone and it was going to be delivered in days. I went in the hospital for 9 days soon after qualifying. I think they tried to deliver it but no one was here. Can it be sent again? We do not know which cell phone company you applied to. The best way for you to get the answer to your question is to contact that company directly. Please send me some information on your free phone service and how it works. Thank you and have a nice day. Here is some history. I am an advocate working with a woman from my church.

She had a public aid free cellphone and is trying to get another one for her son who is 14 and needs one to be able to call her. They do not have a landline phone where they are living. Only one Lifeline phone or discount is allowed per household, so her son will not be able to receive a phone. What can we do?

Homeless senior disabled who cannot get a phone or response in 4 days. But guess we can manage, such a hassle to sign up for government help, the workers at the government departments act as if the money is coming out of their pay. Our family has only one cell phone, which we cant afford. However, we could be assured to have access to all of our medical professionals and community resources with a cell phone, like what you are offering. The kids are also limited in being able to complete school work due to lack of home computer access. All resources would be tremendously appreciated.

Is a cell phone a necessary offered luxury to a low income user? Or should a home line be something more appropriate? Would you know which of the above companies is available for Forest Park IL!??

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A lot of them say not available for I am 60 years old person with disability since more than last 17 years. I am getting disability from social security. I have medicad I need a cell phone. Please let me know. You need to contact one of the providers listed above. I have tried all of the companies and it keeps saying invalid address..

My client has been terminated from her free phone because they say she is on a list that says she is already getting service from another carrier. The phone companies are not telling us where the other account is so that we can cancel it so she can at least have one working phone. I have called at least one other carrier who says her account is cancelled already but this list for people who appear to have multiple carriers seems to live somewhere in the government. I wish to be connected to a central point where we can explain to one person that my client has NO service so how does she get this old warning list to phone companies straightened out with the correct information?

Try customersupport usac.

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I am trying to help my Dad sign up for a phone. He lives in Quincy, Il.

here Is there an application you could send me? Gary, In. Any help would be appreciated.

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Safelink is available on the internet.. Home Do You Qualify?