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At the time when Merri filed her petition, Douglas was detained in the Jefferson County Detention Center for a felony offense.

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Merri resides on the property. She stated that the property should be awarded to her, and that each party retain their personal property. She further requested the award of the proceeds for the Contract for Deed sale of an adjoining parcel from the property. Merri did not list any liabilities. He stated that he bought the acreage "without Merri!

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Douglas appeared via telephone. The court issued an order scheduling a non-jury trial on November 18, , and copies of this order were served upon counsel and Douglas, care of MSP. On November 14, , Douglas filed a pleading titled "Dissolution of Marriage" in which he gave the history of his acquisition of and work on the property and reiterated his requested distribution of the real and tangible property.

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Douglas, however, was not present at the November bench trial. The court issued its findings of fact, conclusions of law, and decree of dissolution of marriage on November 18, This Court granted Douglas's petition for an out-of-time appeal on July 5, This Court will affirm a district court's division of property, absent clearly erroneous findings, unless the court abused its discretion.

The court concluded that the parties' marriage is irretrievably broken and that there is no prospect of reconciliation. The court stated that Merri, age 68, has inadequate income and financial resources to support herself, while Douglas, age 75, is incarcerated and currently has no personal living expenses.

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The court pointed out that no party provided evidence of values for the items which were awarded to Douglas. The court awarded Douglas his personal property, including an older International pickup truck, a twelve-foot flatbed trailer, framed prints by Charles M. Russell, and various tools. Douglas does not address directly why he did not appear at the bench trial. She points to the court's consideration of "the age, health, station, occupation, amount and sources of income,.

She argues that the court did not abuse its discretion. Merri frames the court's decree as equitable and states that Douglas is unhappy with the court's decision, but he does not provide any evidence of errors in fact or law. Merri refers to the procedural errors in this appeal because Douglas never served her a copy of the notice of appeal or requested a transcript for review.

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Merri reiterates that while Douglas believes he should have received more marital property, he does not demonstrate any error by the court. Here, the record is sparse and further limited by various inactions.

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There are no proposed findings of fact or conclusions of law by either party. No appraisals or other expert testimony was given.

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Big Horn. Responsibilities include: Acts as referee in probate; Appoints administrators of decedents and guardians of minors; Approves appearance bonds of criminals out on bond PRIME March I 3. Great Falls Genealogy Society: Probate case files, , ; court orders for dependent children, ; old age applications, naturalization records, pre Provides the filing of civil lawsuits, probate and estate records, felony criminal actions, adoptions, youth and insanity records, marriage licenses and dissolution records; passports; responsible for the collection and disbursement of court ordered child support, restitution surcharges and fines. Welcome to the home page for the City of Lincoln City, Oregon. Still, finding these records is possible after understanding how the system works. If you are under 16 you can not marry.

Douglas maintains that he was prevented from attending the bench trial, but does not explain what he means in this statement. While apparent that Douglas did not attend the bench trial to present any evidence, he does not have a record that he attempted to appear.

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From a review of the court's docket, a copy of the order setting the trial was sent to MSP on October 13, From this docket, Douglas did not file a motion with the court to appear via telephone or videoconference from MSP for either the scheduling hearing or non-jury trial. Hidden away in Montana courthouses and archives just about everywhere are the ambitions and frustrations of many Montana men and women. The odds are excellent that your potential forefathers have left a in-depth document of at least a few factors of their lives in the Deer Lodge County court records.

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Even if your forebears is not discussed in a Court case, consider all of the other methods which could have lead to him or her to appear in court records. Some have free access some call for a payment. This is merely a directory that has been collected or submitted. I do not recommend or promote one genealogy site above another. Feel free to furnish your own favorite Deer Lodge County genealogy or family history related sites.

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