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The general public cannot apply for clearance without the support of an employer. It is protected by the provisions of the Privacy Act in institutions that are covered.


Lack of a clearance shouldn't stop you from seeking a job that requires one. It can take time to get approval of your application. Allow for at least several weeks after applying for Reliability Status.

boiteigloomines.tk Any security level above that could take quite a bit longer. Do you have concerns? Start by doing a reference check on yourself.

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Security screening for reliability status requires a 5-year background check. A personnel security clearance is required before an employee may access .. criminal record name checks; credit checks; reliability checks. Everyone hired for a federal job undergoes a basic background investigation of their criminal and credit histories to ensure that all federal employees are.

Clean up your credit history. Tidy up your online activities if they give the wrong impression. And most importantly, do not lie or fudge the truth on your security application.

The majority of people have nothing to hide from a screening. But if an investigation could uncover damaging details that might derail your career, working with national secrets is probably not in your immediate future. By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Home Workplace Workplace Issues. Lindy Kyzer. Phalen, who is also acting director of the newly formed Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency , briefed government and industry stakeholders last week at the National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee meeting.

Security clearance background checks should take three days, Rep. Will Hurd says

His brief remarks focused on the breadth of the mission he is about to take over. He noted that the work being done today is a continuation of efforts that began months ago. Phalen thanked Defense Security Service Director Dan Payne, who is now retiring as the DSS mission dissolves into the new agency, which is taking on the vetting, technology protection, counterintelligence and background investigations mission.

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On Oct. The processes needed to ensure a smooth transition for that geographically dispersed workforce has been in process for months, Phalen said.

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Phalen noted the backlog today stands at , A year ago it had reached a high of , pending investigations , prompting congressional scrutiny, which ultimately led Congress to transfer the background investigations mission from OPM to the Pentagon. Backlog numbers became the big stick used by those at the Defense Department who sought to wrest control of investigative work back from OPM the Pentagon had previously conducted such investigations before the responsibility was shifted to the governmentwide personnel agency to improve efficiency.

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But while the backlog figures have improved, an even more important figure has not—security clearance processing times. Current security clearance processing times for Defense and industry applicants are days for a Top Secret security clearance and days for a Secret clearance.

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The length of time it takes to conduct investigations presents another critical challenge for Defense in the near future. With initial investigation timelines showing no improvement, periodic reinvestigation times are actually getting worse. Secret reinvestigation times updating investigations for those who have already obtained clearance skyrocketed from days in the first quarter of , to days in the second quarter.

Top Secret reinvestigation times were at days for the second quarter of FY Documents released prior to the committee meeting noted that the need for more intensive fieldwork for those Secret clearance PRs caused the spike. But adjudication timelines are also a significant reason for the increased processing times, with PR adjudication timelines increasing dramatically in the second quarter of fiscal Thus far in fiscal , 36, periodic reinvestigations have been transitioned into continuous evaluations.

But the number enrolled still represents only around one-third of the cleared population. One of the key issues with delayed periodic reinvestigations is the clearance limbo created for candidates who have been submitted for vetting but await a final determination.

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Their report focused on the price the government pays when security clearance reciprocity is ignored. And eventually that is written into the contract. And it is something that it should be solvable. The government has made significant progress on the backlog, and in large part due to relatively minor process changes.

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But those changes will have little positive effect for many. Improvements in security clearance processing times, increased enrollment in continuous evaluation, and a path forward for security clearance reciprocity are next steps toward building upon current successes. And it will take more than a new agency to do the heavy lifting.