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South Korea beef farmers struggle for aid, sympathy

I currently live in South Korea as part of the US military. On a weekly basis we are notified of no fewer than 5 planned protests for the weekend about random subjects. Sorry I can't give you an example I stopped caring about 3 months ago. I guess the weekend is when people are out of work and have free time. Koreans love to protest, not a doubt about it. Now my opinion, if you don't want to get "mad cow" disease then don't eat US meat. The problem is like everyone else is saying, the farmers are trying to protect their commodity.

Anti-U.S. beef protest draws 100,000 S.Koreans

I also believe our military should not help this nation, especially when they have the military to thwart an attack and their economy is also in top shape. That's the biggest reason we should leave. Folks I believe in helping people out, don't get me wrong. However as soon as they turn their back on you then it is time to go.

Korea attacks them then so what, let them defend themselves. We have been in this nation for 50 years, its time for us to remove South Korea from the bossom and make them drink from a big boy cup. Korea also has a soft spot for Turkey as there is some link to the Turkish race, as they are somehow remotely related.

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They Koreans did not show the same affection to the American soccer team, even though And please let us not forget the Canadians, Brits, Thais and about a dozen more nations that helped out. I don't want to go into details, but if one knows about Korea's history, you will see how Korea has most often been controlled by others and when not, they were always divided.

creatoranswers.com/modules/hamilton/playas-de-sexo.php Yes, more than 50 years and the conflict is still a part of the Korean life, but as I said before, the U. It is time folks, that countries that trade with South Korea to take the time to be more selective of the products you buy, and maybe by not purchasing Korean products, then maybe the attitude Koreans have may improve for the better. The placards Koreans were carrying during the last protest, read "Mad Cows Out. Troops Out. I was at a restaurant the other day, and here in Korea there's no U. The Koreans have been good to me since I have been living here.

They are friendly and open. It does, however, upset me when I think of how they have dumped their products on the US market and restricted our products. They are emulating the successful Japanese and that's all there is to it. Remember how the Japanese protested rice and vehicle imports and anything else that wasn't "home grown" from entering Japan?

U.S. beef exports to Korea setting new records

The Koreans are copycats: just look at their cars!! When it comes to trade they are copying the Japanese. This American and his son are going to buy the first batch. Lee because he doesnt listen to the people and because we are tired of korea always being the "dog" or "slave" to america I think Kim Tea-hung's comments speak for themselves.

This is the type of person who is at the center of these increasingly violent protests. The comment by Mr. Kim Tae Hyung is not surprising. I had young students of mine say they hated America.

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The US beef protest in South Korea was a series of protest demonstrations made The protests occurred on a background of talks concerning the US- Korea free trade agreement. .. won (roughly US$–$) worth of U.S. steak to eat with his family at his official residence to alleviate public worries about U.S. beef. U.S. beef imports in South Korea made up a $ million industry for the American beef , won worth of U.S. steak to eat with his family at his official residence to alleviate public worries about US beef. . Read · Edit · View history.

I had students of mine say that they wished September 11th would have "destroyed all of New York. Korea is the only country Walmart has ever failed in. As a resident alien in Korea I was teaching their children English and I was physically assualted twice for being an American grocery shopping.

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All of that being said I made great Korean friends. Life long friends. Friends who after serving two years in the military and riot brigade for the Korean government would get out and could not find a decent job. One friend told me of the ridicoulous interview questions he had to go through. Are you religious? Would you work 7 days a week etc.. I remember all of the drunken business men passed out in their own puke ALL over the streets. I remember how taxi drivers would refuse to serve me. I remember how I paid double for my cell phone minutes etc All for being an American.

Having remembered that I still had a positive outlook of Korea until recently. This whole riot is against America and hard working American people and Mr.

마장동 축산시장가서 4kg짜리 1++ 급 한우 통째로 구워먹기?!! (영국 쌍둥이 귀국 거부 사태)

Gim has summed it up. Let me sum something up to Mr. I just pulled all of my money out of Daehan investments. The misspelling on Kim Tae-hyung's name was not intentional. I did not intend to demean this young man in any way by misspelling his name. Hopefully, his view of Americans will change with an increase in years. I did business with a Korea once and as has been stated several other times here they are greedy and aren't satisfied until they screw you.

I gave the man a well below market price which he agreed to. Then after the work was completed he refused to pay the balance on the contract saying my price was too high. Since then I have avoided buying anything Korean even if I had to pay more for it. Like many others have pointed out the protests have nothing to do with safety of the beef they just want to ensure their own beef doesn't have to compete in an open market.

An ignorant statement by a native Korean which reflects a piss-poor understanding of current political events in Asia. I applaud the Korean's desire to ban American beef. It is their nationalistic prerogative. I've followed this story for a few weeks and I have concluded that I will never buy Korean products again. Capitalism is that easy! Vote with your money! I'm in China fairly often, and most don't have much love for Koreans. The reason being, is that when they enter an agreement with the Koreans, often the Koreans what to make changes and want to get a better price. I am one of the few foreign investors in Korea.

I am the only non-Korean who owns and operates a business in my tax region. Later this year, I will sell my business and the re-locate to Europe. About half of the shipments I import are checked by customs and they always find something wrong. Country of origin markings is one reason. I have a document that said that "china" or "R.

C" was fine, but suddenly they changed their minds. Often I have to pay bribes or have my items re-printed at a great expense.

Colorado’s beef reputation

I find that Koreans suffer from a victim mentality, and blame others without taking a close look at themselves. Not one Korean has made any logical rebuttals on this subject. You can clearly see what the problem in Korea is; and that is they are basically deluded. Not all, but far too many. I am a Korean-American U. Army Officer living in Seoul. I like Korea and I love the U. But Americans need to wake the hell up. The majority of Americans have no idea about the details of the FTA and for that matter no idea on trade at all.

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Many demonstrators also said that they are not protesting against the U. Farm week. You will receive emails containing news content , updates and promotions from The New York Times. The deal still has to be approved by the European Parliament. Furthermore, in , both governments engaged in a dialogue to pass through the Armistice Agreement, enforcing a temporary cease-fire in Korea.

The same statement applies to Korean citizens as well. The Korean Government is abusing the Korea-U. Alliance to the point it will soon be broken. Make Koreans understand that nobody is asking Korea to be thankful about the Korean War anymore, they need to be thankful to American consumers who have twice the spending power as the average Korean consumer. As for Kim Tae-Hyung..