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Individual offer Starting from parcels a year. Individual offer. However it was accepted when I used "-f account mydomainhere. There are many other factors that can contribute to mail not getting to inboxes, including your own multiple failed testing attempts, so I suggest you consult each site's guidelines and don't ask me for help.

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These are just the couple technical issues that helped my case. I hope this saves someone some time and headaches Send mail with minimal requirements from email services. If you are using the sendmail app from an exim package or something you don't really need to change the normal parameters PHP gives it -t -i as other posts described. I just added "-f myemail example. One thing that got me stuck for a few hours was trying to figure out why the return-path was set as the user user running php and not what I was setting it with the -f option then I later found at that in order to forcefully set the return-path the user account running the command must be in exim's trusted users configuration!

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Just a comment on some of the examples, and as a note for those who may be unaware. Currently my hosting service is on Godaddy. When attempting to use the mail function without the fifth parameter containing "-f", my message headers would not work. For qmail users, I have written a function that talks directly to qmail-queue, rather than going through the sendmail wrapper used by mail. Thus it allows more direct control over the message for example, you can adapt the function to display "undisclosed recipients" in to the To: header. It also performs careful validation of the e-mail addresses passed to it, making it more difficult for spammers to exploit your scripts. This is mostly unnecessary because qmail will ignore any additional To: headers injected by a malicious user.

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However if you have some strange mail setup it might be a problem. The function returns false if the message fails validation or is rejected by qmail-queue, and returns true on success. I haven't fully tested it like with microtime with long mails. I send html message as 7-bit, so I didn't try yet with html. If you have good html practise, you don't really need to encode html as quote-printable as it only uses 7-bit chars. If you grant access to I'm using PHP 5. Unlike Sendmail, qmail requires locally-injected messages to use Unix newlines LF only.

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This is a common problem with PHP scripts. So now, I can go back to sending emails with text AND html components :. When sending MIME email make sure you follow the documentation with the "70" characters per line Note, that single line should not contain more than 78 character, but is not allowed to contain more than characters.

The possible consequences are: Over 78 - clients are allowed to display the message in a "harder to read" way.

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Over - clients and servers are allowed to drop the message or cause any buffer-limit error. If you're sending a large attachment, you may encounter overflow problem. AFAIK, two common limits could be responsible. Postfix message size limit. Apache memory size limit for scripts. Be careful! Raising memory limits may cause unexpected consequences, and is hence deprecated.

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The receiver can download it later. I've noticed that on some versions of PHP occasionally mail returns the empty string for success, rather than true or false.

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The empty string evaluates to false.