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Dwight David Benson was charged this month in King County Superior Court with felony DUI, driving without a court-ordered ignition-interlock device, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and reckless driving.

He has been convicted of felony DUI once before, after a crash. His other prior DUI convictions were gross misdemeanors, per Washington state law.

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Neither driver was seriously injured but both cars were severely damaged, according to court documents. Seattle police responding to the crash said Benson appeared intoxicated, refused to take a field-sobriety test and admitted to drinking alcohol.

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Facebook Twitter RSS. This new law makes substantial changes to the rules for vacating both felony and misdemeanor conviction records. For class B felonies, the period of time is ten years. This website will walk you through the process. Tukwila recorded property crimes per 1, people in , as well as 7. The cost for accessing documents viewing, printing and saving the file is 25 cents per page.

The community remains unsafe. He does not care. Before , a drunken driver could not be charged with a felony in Washington state unless the driver caused a death or injury.

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Outrage over the Mullan case helped propel lawmakers in to again alter the law, this time making it a Class B felony to drink and drive if the driver had had at least four prior DUI convictions over the last 10 years, according to Shelly Baldwin, a spokeswoman for the Washington Traffic Safety Council. You can learn calendar dates, parties involved, attorneys of record, and case numbers. You may need to contact the particular court for the complete case file.

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Vital records in the state of Washington, such as birth, death, marriage and divorce records are kept by the Washington State Department of Health. How to request each of these depends on the type of certificate and the date.

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Anyone can order a birth certificate, but they must have all of the pertinent information to do this. If the birth took place before July 1, , you would need to contact the county where the event occurred. Death Certificates: The state Department of Health issues death certificates from July 1, to present.

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Washington State Courts, Courts Home Page Logo Case Number, Find a case in a court for a provided case number. Copies of case file documents are not available at this website and will need to be obtained from the court of record. Washington State Courts, Courts Home Page Logo can contact the court in which the case was filed to view the court record or to order copies of court records.

Anyone can order a death certificate if they have all of the pertinent information to fill out the request. If the death took place before July 1, , the specific county of record is the place to contact for the information. Marriage Certificates: The state Department of Health keeps Washington marriage certificates for marriages taking place from January 1, to present.

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Divorce Certificates: The state Department of Health keeps Washington divorce certificates from January 1, to present. Start Your Records Search:. First Name.

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Last Name. Which State? Start Searching. Washington Jail and Inmate Records The Washington state Department of Corrections is the place to get information on inmate records, services for victims, and information on correctional facilities in the state. Washington Court Records Information about any of the courts in the state of Washington can be found on its administrator of the courts website.